Compaan certified to UMO

Compaan and Verklizan have successfully performed a validation of the solutions from Compaan videocalling on the UMO, Verklizan’s independent telecare & telehealth platform. The organisations have completed a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT). Our Dutch partner Compaan successfully developed an interface between their video call solutions and UMO, which can now potentially be used by all UMO customers.

Introduction Compaan

Compaan provides tablets for people who find it difficult to use traditional computers and offers its services to residential users, care organizations and municipalities. Video calling is an important service but the Compaan offers a wide range of communication functionality and several services for healthcare and community care.

Compaan is founded and headquartered in the Netherlands but also operates in Belgium and Switzerland.

Compaan solutions certified to UMO

The Compaan offers their users an easy-to-use button to send a video call request to their care provider. Once this button is pressed, the Compaan platform triggers an alarm towards the UMO IP XML web service.

The interface towards the UMO includes the following functionalities:

  • Alarm sending towards the monitoring center using UMO IP communication
  • HTTPS communication (optional)

More information?
Want to learn more on the specific interface? Request the FAT document and more information by contacting Compaan or contact us.  

Website Compaan: